Thursday, May 13, 2010

Antiquing Mid-Michigan

I'm sure that Flea Market Style and Martha would be so proud of me-- the way I've scoured most every shop in Mid- Michigan with a sign that says "Antiques".  Unfortunately, some of these shops must have mistakenly  picked the "Antiques" sign over one that reads, "Lots of Crap"!
But amidst the several dusty and dingy shops lie a few rays of Antiquing hope! Here's the top 10 within 45 minutes of Mt. Pleasant.  Make a day of it!       
1.  Bay City Antique Market on Water St., Bay City MI. 
  In Mid-Michigan, this is hands-down the best antique mall!  Wear comfy shoes, when you go, though-- the store is an entire block of rennovated buildings (3 stories!!)

2. St. Louis Tried and True Antique Mall
Right off of 127, this Antique Mall is the quintessential wacky Junk store.  Mixed with legitimate antiques, this is the place for vintage odditities.  Bizarre statues and busts, silly books and teacups mingle with antique furniture and odds and ends.  You might find the finishing pieces to your collection or you might just find something so random you can't live without!

  3. Weathervane Antiques right outside St. Louis

Situated in an old barn on 46, Weathervane Antiques is fun, though not my favorite.  Although there is a lot of junk, there are a few pieces here and there.  I always find something exciting, like  vintage stoves!    Watch out for the creepy doll room, though. 
4. Antiques and Friends in St. Johns
This open market-style mall has lots of neat finds!  Vintage linens, like aprons, shabby chic furniture, and lots of china are scattered throughout the whole store.  The rare and hard to find Halloween treats can be found amidst the vintage-looking country decor in the front.  Just like any antique market, though, you're sure to find something creepy and hideous, like the lock of human hair that has been on the shelves next to the hats for years.  Wonder why noone's bought that yet?


               5. US-127 S. House on the Hill  Treasures
This old boarding house 1/2 way mark is now a rennovated Antique market.  Packed to the brim with anything vintage or retro, you're sure to find a treasure here!  As a note, the rocking chairs upstairs often start rocking on their own. 

6. Americana Co. Antique Mall, Bay City
Not quite as enticing as the neighboring antique megaplex, the Americana Co. Antique Mall still packs a lot of punch.  Holding more retro than antique items, there's a toy for everyone, here.  Towards the back are toys for the kids, to the right are toys for the Handyman, and in the front window are toys for the avid basket and country decor fan. 

7. Adomaitis Antiques, Court Streeet, Saginaw
A different sort of Vintage adventure, Adomaitis Antiques is dressed to the nines with its vintage costumes and jewelry.  Treasure hunting has never been so glamourous!

8.  The Saginaw Antique Warehouse on Tittabawasee
The Antique Warehouse is a compilation of specialty shops aimed at bringing beautiful antique furniture and finds to Mid-Michigan.  Although not my favorite, the Antique Warehouse is a true gem.  You can (or should I say, will) get lost in there, so wear comfy shoes!


9. St. Germain's in Mt. Pleasant
Not as full or pretty as most of the others listed, St. Germain's does offer some good treats!  One can always find a new teacup or hat. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot else to be found.  Occasionally one can find a nice furniture piece or odd painting, but typically, the items are the same from month to month. 
       10. Antique Center in Mt. Pleasant
Okay, so once in awhile you might find a real antique here, but typically its just a junk store.  That being said, you can find lots of fun junk here.  Tacky necklaces and costumes, even tackier wall hangings, and really tacky dishes are their specialty.


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