Monday, May 10, 2010

Gnome Man's Land

When we take a second to re-think traditionally tacky, we're left with uniquely fashionable  and strangely reasonable kitsch.  Garden gnomes have always made me smile, despite my absolute abhorrence for most lawn ornaments.   Through antique and junk store explorations, we've found variety in familiarity.

While antiquing in Bay City, we found these little gnome candles nesteled in "snow".  At least their wicks can keep them warm.

In the same antique mall, we tripped over these gems.

Even hidden in the ferns and weeds, this stately gnome makes quite a statement with his red cap.

The fiery cap is the only give away that this lump of stone is actually a guardian of the flower bed.  In cognito?

In an online consignment shop, Olcha and Sven (really, that's their names) sit patiently.

After noting several more gnomes in our shopping and garden watching ventures, we can't help but think, "Who thought of the garden gnome in the first place?"  Any thoughts?

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