Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If Paper Dolls Could Talk....

One day, while driving home from Lansing, we noticed a large bilboard. 
Well, obviously, we pulled over to taste for ourselves...
1. Ithaca's Country Chef Cafe offers over 20 burger styles, all insanely delicious and noticably fresh.  Is it the world's most amazing burger as they so proudly tout on 127?  Well, it certainly is in the running!
*As a note, all burgers come with cole slaw, which is putrid.  Ask for it without!
               If paper dolls could talk, they'd tell you that there are some other dives in Mid-Michigan that you really should visit!

2. Downtown Mt. Pleasant is the place to go if you want an old fashioned milkshake done right!  In the front of the Downtown Drugstore, the Soda Shoppe has been serving up milkshakes and ice cream treats since the early 1900's.  The soda jerks will make you any flavor of shake, ice cream soda, or phosphate you want. 
*I used to be a soda jerk here and loved it! 
3. The most amazing spinach-artichoke dip I ever had was in Midland at Oscar's!  They serve this deliciously tempting appetizer with toasted Ciabatta triangles as opposed to the overly salty and not- so-delicious, stale chips that most restaurants use.  LOVE IT!
*Oscar's doesn't count as one of the hometown holes-in-the wall diners, but the dip is out of this world!
                4.A little further south, in St. John's main cafe (attached to the pizzaria), Grandma is boiling up her famous Chicken Noodle Soup.  Seriously, some of the best restaurant soup I've had.  The rest of the menu is pretty good, but the soup is worth writing about!!!!
5.Similar to what I imagine Heaven to look like, the ultra posh Sweet Boutique (in the Historic Downtown of Bay City) is the place to go for beautiful and decident chocolates and pastries.  One piece is very reasonable price; but who can stop with just one?!

6.Everyone in Mt. Pleasant knows that Stan's is the place to go for an inexpensive and delicious breakfast.  But, some friends have told us recently that the best place in the area to get a short (or tall) stack is The Diner.  Located on old Mission (going North towards the fairgrounds), The Diner is a little "hole in the wall", with apparently delicious food. 
7. A little more North, in Clare, the Whitehouse cafe serves up famous burgers and blue-plate-style dinners.  Thank goodness for the new smoking ban, though... The Whitehouse is "cozy", having a total of 6 booths, very close together.  Better like your neighbor.

8. Okay, we've all had tater tots.  Most of us have even had corn-dog bites.  But mac-n-cheese bites?
In St. Louis,  Frosty Cone, offers this uniquely delicious take on one of my comfort foods.  Great milkshakes and pretty good burgers, too.
 9. Finally, for one of the best (and greasiest, and messiest....)  hamburgers and a delicous milkshake, head over to Sanford to Ice Cream Downs!  Blink and you'll miss it, places like this are a sure sign of summer approaching!

Don't be mistaking.  Mid-Michigan has more than just cheap burgers and ice cream cones, but this time of year the ice cream stands'  OPEN signs just bring a smile to my face..


  1. Love love love this post!!!! It reads like an ultra-fun tour book! :o) You're fab. And I can TOTALLY vouch for the Ice Cream Downs, as a current resident of Sanford! :o) The Railside Cafe and The Red Wood Inn are both fab here in town too!!!! :o)

  2. Oh, also, they used to serve Deep Fried Mac-n-Cheese Bites in the dorm cafeterias as well. They were actually really good! I'd love to try the ones you mentioned!