Monday, May 3, 2010

Shabby Showers

No more annoying shower games!! 
 That's what I was thinking when I threw together this shabby chic bridal luncheon for my dearest friend, Erin          
For such a small luncheon (15-20 guests), I thought that a large banquet table would best suit our purposes. 

                         Mismatched table cloths, skeleton
                          keys, candles and lots of flowers
                                       were used for decortation. 
In lieu of a pendant flag, I hung vintage-look
 Parisian and Flower seed postcards
with mini clothespins.  

               Lunch was delicious!
(Thanks to Kyle for making most of it ;) )  
On the lunch table, we had :
chicken salad pouffes
roast beef canapes
spinach and grape salad
crumpets and jams
fruit kabobs
and stuffed cherry tomatoes

On the sweet table, were:
merringe clouds with dark cherries
stuffed and dipped strawberries
key lime cream puffs
Oatmeal cake
Lemon dollups
& Chocolate Mousse cups

In lieu of the regular toilet paper games (*Sigh*),
we had a simple quiz about our bride and a spice guessing game. 
The guests were to bring a spice to stock the bride's spice rack; we just wrapped them up with pretty paper and we used our sniffers to try to guess what they were. 

 Sneezing aside, its a fun and simple shower game.

Being silly with Erin.
Love our dresses. 

Loving the shabby-chic, I wonder... Can I live like this all the time? 

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