Sunday, June 27, 2010

Not too shabby!

My dearest friends, Erin and Terrell, said, "I do"  this weekend!
Following their private morning nuptuals, a non-traditional ring ceremony and picnic reception was held in their honor.  For an earthier feel, the couple held their celebration in one of Erin's favorite parks nearby her childhood home. 

Polaroids created a grainy, vintagey look for some of the couple's photos.

Mixing vintage fabrics with old books, jars, teacups, and bizarre finds, we were able to make the summery and shabby centerpieces for the picnic tables.  Teamwork was the goal:  I set the displays up and Erin's multi-talented Aunts followed behind with  gorgeous flowers to arrange. 

Homemade jam, sparklers, and vintage candy were fabulous favors and kept with the shabby chic look!

Polaroid of the happiest of couples cutting their cake. 

We loved helping Erin with this wedding and  are just delighted for my friends, their future together, and smiling over tea with them-- while remembering back to their gorgeous wedding day!!


  1. Oh how LOVELY!!!!!!! You did a wonderful job...congrats to Erin and Terrell as well! I'm glad you had god weather for your special day as well!

  2. Very nice. :) I was thinking of them all day yesterday.

  3. It was a perfect day-- Stormy in the morning, but split for the fun! (which was nice-- cooled it off) God is looking out for them, for sure! It was glorious.

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