Friday, July 9, 2010

Forcibly Simple

Even though I'm in hate with the packing up and moving process, perhaps a move every 3-5 years should be mandated.  When we moved three years ago, we were surprised and disgusted by how much stuff had accumulated in our tiny apartment.  We resolved to live more simply and to simplify our lives all over. 

Maybe the only real way for us to live more simply is when we are semi-forced into that lifestyle by a move. 

That resolve to live more simply stuck... for a few months.  Three years later, I am totally amazed by how many useless things we have.  So, a new resolution is made, to live more simply in our new home.  I'm sure this resolution will last... for a few months. 


  1. Good for you girl!!! I'm having to learn that lesson myself, to be ruthless about some things and just let other things go because I don't NEED them. Living in a small space has done WONDERS for us and living with a man has made me crave CLEAN SURFACES. lol!

  2. Its an ongoing challenge - seems to never end! :)