Sunday, July 18, 2010

Howard House

So, of course we're not done "moving in", yet.  We still need a few things and other things will gradually start to fill in spaces, I'm sure.  But, I decided to share  a few of my favorite things about our new home.

Original hardwoods; they're really old, a bit beat up, used, and I'm in love.

The living room fireplace; its shabby and chic and I adore it.

The bedroom fireplace; its a fireplace-- in the bedroom!

The large (LARGE), deep windows; I'm sure my energy bill won't love them as much as we do;)

The kitchen; I know its not as great as many people's kitchen, but I have a full size fridge and oven, finally!!  I don't have to cut my pizza in 1/2 before I bake it!!! (It's the little things).
I live here.  There's music in the streets, fantastic places to eat, and history beneath my feet.


  1. Oh Kiki, I'm SO SO SO happy for you!!!!! Your HOME (!!!) is beautiful and I can't WAIT to see more pictures showing how you're making it YOURS in that special way you do!!! Truly, it's just gorgeous...and a fireplace in the bedroom?! Sexy! ;o) Love you to pieces!!!!

  2. Thanks, lovely. I enjoy it:)