Monday, July 5, 2010

If You're Heading Up to the North Country

So, let's face it, unless you've lived in Michigan's Upper Penninsula (or know someone who has), you probably are unaware of some of the more delicious spots to hit when you're in the Great North Country. 

Eastern UP
1. Chances are you've never been acquainted with the West Pier in SSM.  It is by far the best hamburger, sub, Milkshake, experience... ever!  An old (I think mom was 5-ish when they opened) drive in, the West Pier is a little box of a restaurant.  For decades, its opening has been the sure sign that spring has sprung.  Although the view of the actual pier is now totally obstructed with monstrous apartment complex, the proximity to the bridge (its right under it), and river make this place a hot spot.  If you get the burger, make sure you ask for a sandwich cup and extra napkins. 

Further down Portage is another old drive-in: Clyde's.  Truthfully, nowadays, the view is way better there, but the best food is still found at our number one spot for EUP fun!
2.  Also in Sault Ste. Marie, the Antler's Bar and Restaurant has been bringing in guests for years.  A few weeks ago, though, I stopped in for dinner with the family, and, although its much more tourist friendly now, the food is about the same as its always been.  Its not quite as tacky and ridiculous as it used to be, but its still pretty intense. Good food, fun adventure.

3. Finally, you should go to Studebaker's if you're in the Soo.  Go for breakfast and leave delighted.  Lunch and dinner are okay, but breakfast is tops.

Middle UP
1. Making the executive decision to include Marquette and Escanaba as Middle UP and not Western puts The Panini Grill on 3rd Street in the top list.  Sure, its just a Panini, but its delicious and delightful!  Get a smoothie while you're there.
2.  For something a little different, the Sweet Water Cafe, also on 3rd in Marquette, offers up healthy and unique.  My favorite is the seaweed salad with a peach fuzzy.

3. Wrapping up our Mid-UP treat houses is Drifter's in Escanaba.  Great for any meal and always fresh!!

Western UP
1. Fishtales in Marenisco is a delight for any tastebuds.  Service has always been top-notch for me, too.

2. Big Mama's Grill in Water's Meet, I've been told, is the place to go  if you're in her neck of the woods.  I've not personally been to this one, so I have no pictures to share.

3. Finally, in Ontonagon, head over to Syl's Cafe for some fresh and delicious grub.  Really if you're in Ontonagon, anyway, you have no other restaurant choice.  Give it a shot!  It might surprise you how good it is.

While you're appreciating the great outdoors, enjoy one of these yummy stops!

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