Monday, August 9, 2010

Local Tourists

Today, we went to Washington, D.C. with our good friends and neighbors, Nick and Tricia. It’s a short trip from here, but traffic and parking can be horrendous, so the four of us hopped on the train.
This was the conductor on the way back-- perhaps the picture doesn't do him justice, but he was hilariously cartoonish. "All Aboard that's a-going aboard!" (Yeah, he REALLY said that. ha-ha)

We pulled into Union Station (gorgeous) and started acting like tourists.
Since we only live a little over 1/2 hour away, we decided just to visit a couple museums in the Smithsonian (which, as a by the way, is 100% free-- I didn't know!)

Firstly, we ate lunch in the American Indian Museum-- Why aren't there any Native American Restaurants? I forgot how much I love food from the Great Lakes Region Native Americans. It was superb and unique and clean and refreshing.

Then, we hit up the air and space museum, which we've been told is the best-- it was very fun!
Across the street is the Fine Art Museum, which I was lucky enough to see part of a couple beautiful exhibits.
My favorite was the Gothic era Italian collection
And we hit Hirshorn, the Modern and Contemporary museum, which was... um... hmm... interesting.
Some of the pieces were quirky and fun.
Finally, we briefly walked through the "castle", which houses Mr. Smithsonian's tomb. It is so funnily shaped; I doubted he was in there. I suggested we look, but no one else thought that was a good idea. It would've made for an interesting story.

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