Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sew Chic and then some

Awhile back, we found an antique table, an old beat up chair, and a floating shelf at a local store. We proudly acquired these items through a fair trade (Bread for Antiques, literally), roughly painted the chair, add a hand-sewn pillow, and Voila! Guest room transformed into Shabby Chic Sewing Room!
I didn't realize I hadn't shared this before.

Having the sewing machine out and ready gets it more use! The easiest way to become more crafty is to have your craft items where you can see them, where you'll use them.

And, too early for jingle bells but past spooks and ghouls, Thanksgiving decorations have set up home on our mantle. 
Over 500 trick-or-treaters last weekend and I still long for pumpkins and gourds!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! SO cute! I can totally see you rockin' that sewing area! And you're totally right, having your stuff out where you can see it easily and get at it gets the crafty juices flowing so much more easily!