Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Walking in Virginia

I took the walk!

Kyle and I went to Falls Church, Virginia this past Sunday to take the walk with Hanson (um, yes, they are still alive, are not 12, and still have fans-- a lot of them).

The initial launch of the Take The Walk campaign began with one mile barefoot walks staged across the US and Canada to help inspire individuals to make an impact through simple actions. Thousands of individuals participated in these walks, lead by the band HANSON in partnership with TOMS Shoes, providing thousands of shoes to impoverished children in South Africa.

Take The Walk is about giving us simple tangible ways to take action against the HIV/AIDS pandemic and poverty in Africa--A small donation, the purchase of a pair of shoes, the download of a song or simply taking a barefoot,  one-mile walk.  We took the walk for clean water...

This was our first walk, but it was fun, the fellas are actually decent people, and it was followed by the seriously most amazing concert I've ever seen (and that is saying a lot).

Check out more about taking or hosting a walk.

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