Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Might as well wear a potato sack

its not just for 16th century peasants anymore!
Recycled coffee bags are a fashion and environmental statement.

For the "If I were a Rich Man..." Look

"Darn those modern hippie do-gooders!"  Tom's burlap flat.
(  for more ways to  do good with your toes)

New Homemade Purse... Stenciled Fluer de Lis with Black Acrylic.

Adding a Flower (made from old ribbon) to this clutch = sweet and feminine.

Tip for working with Burlap:  Don't sew right on the edge & make sure every edge gets a hem. 
Burlap frays on the edges easily.

What do you think?? Shabby Chic or just Shabby??


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  2. Tres Shabby Chic! J'adore! I actually think this is very creative & cute! Do you make these?

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  3. So glad you stopped by ThreeBoys! I love all of your burlap ideas. I have one in the works for next week! I hope you will stop by and check it out:)

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