Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clean Sweep

Is this you?  Have you not done your spring cleaning yet?  Come to think of it, do you ever do your spring cleaning? 
Well, get out your feather duster and garbage bags... its time to get cleaning!
Victoria's 8 Simple Steps to Spring Cleaning:

1. Make a plan!
((sit down and write down what you want to accomplish; what are you going to clean; how much are you bringing to Goodwill this year? Set a timeline.))

2. Get what you need!
((Get the bags out, the gloves ready, and stock up on vinegar!))

3.  One thing at a time!
((Pick one Spot to work in... the kitchen?? the bathroom??  start and finish the room before moving on to the next!))

4. Do it... Top to bottom!
((Really, start in the top of the house in the top of the room... dust the corners, wash the walls, clean the gutters--if you have gutters... work your way down to the floor... you'll accomplish so much more and won't un-do the clean))

5.  Open the cupboards!!
((Open up the cupboards in the room you're in; Have you ever used that waffle cone maker?  Are you going to use both fondue pots...ever??  If the answer is NO, it automatically goes in your Donation box.))

6. & Prepare to Dispose...
((Not sure if you'll use that second fondue pot?  Forget you had that glorious hot pink sweater?  Just not ready to say goodbye to the Atari? Move the item's location, put a sticky note with the date you're moving it... in 6 months if you still haven't used it, seriously, get rid of it))

(( So your closet is looking thinner and thinner... its kind of invigorating to be eliminating things, right??? Besides, think of all the room you've made for your next shopping trip!))

and finally number 8.  Clean where the sun don't shine!!
((Really!!!  Get underneath your table, your couch, your bed.... move the fridge and the stove and clean!!!!  Think of how much healthier your house will be!))

Spring is a time of renewal... the Earth is being reborn...
Renew your house and breathe easier!!


  1. Thanks mom. Arrggg...I hate cleaning but love having a clean house.
    I think #6 is my biggest issue. I need to learn that it's ok to throw things away.

  2. LOVE the idea of #6 about the sticky note!!! GREAT suggestion! Can't wait to be able to REALLY get started on our spring cleaning. I want to be able to do it with the windows open and that's just not happening around here with it being so cold still. Argh.

  3. Awww man! I would love to bathe in there. It looks sooo relaxing and I bet it smells yummy in there too;-)