Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh I Love those Guys

Well, currently our living room looks like a gypsy cart exploded....
we're getting ready for the craft fair 'season' so to speak and have our tent and tables and wares and wonders strewn all about our home...

As a result of the pre-occupation to preparing for upcoming festivals (yeah, the first one is on Saturday; no the school year isn't over; yeah, we're ready...kinda), I have not set up any posts...

((As an FYI, though, I think I fixed the comment problem some of ya'll said you were having-- here's to hoping))

Head on over to Prudence and Wally to keep up with the creations side of this Retro Research Society
(more to come on that very, very soon).

Thanks for all the notes about not being able to enter the current giveaway... it should be fixed and I'll re-post it Saturday.:)

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