Saturday, July 16, 2011

Avoid turning the Bazaar into a Bizarre Fight

Summertime (to me) = meeting and greeting the world...
through fairs and festivals and markets....

Even though festivals are supposed to be joyous,
I often see people and families arguing and complaining that he forgot this or she forgot that....

If you want to hit up all the hullabaloos without all the hoopla, why not have a festival bag ready to go?  
((Yes, I do have a bazaar bag always ready to go; it sits next to my flea marketing cart... but that's a whole other post!))

Here's some bag-lady tips:
1.  Make sure your bag is comfortable
 ~ a cross-the-body cotton bag (long strap hobo) is really a good choice and is hands-free~
2. Let 'em hold your purse!
~kids can carry little bags (back-packs are best for them) with a couple things in it; men can carry messenger bags, too~

Packing the  satchel for the great fete:
14 things to remember!

1. A mini pack of tissues

2. Hand Sanitizer

3. Sun Block of some kind

4. A pen

5. A little Notepad (I have a  list of the happenings in mine,with addresses-- if I'm traveling to get to a celebration, I better know where I'm going!)

6. A bottle of H2O.

7. A Calculator

8. Headache medicine

9. A couple Bandaids

10. Bug spray or lotion (I have one of those OFF clips in the front pocket of my bag; its a GLORIOUS and mess-free invention)

11. Sunglasses (really, I just wear mine, but if you think you'll forget them, put some in the bag!!)

12. If you are a seller or crafter looking to sell, bring some business cards with your information on it... This is a great place to network

13. Something to keep business cards in

14. CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many (most) people don't take credit  or check, so go old school and bring some green!

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  1. So nice and organized. I wish I had it that together. My everyday bag is a mess and not prepared!