Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting Ready to Go Back

The end of Summer Monster is here!
Its almost time to go back to school (sorry to those who've already gone back... ew!).  And, for me, that means my work year is beginning. 
I have a kind of Back to School ritual that takes a lot of stress off of the rush and off of my pocketbook. 
(I think that these ideas are helpful to anyone-- not just those getting ready for pencils, books, and dirty looks)

Its like a Spring Cleaning Take Two

First:  The Closet Monster.
***I dump EVERYTHING out of my closet onto my bed (and the floor, and reading nook,etc.)
***Critically, I look at EACH item... Is it torn? Is it stained? Is it ill-fitting? and I sort:  Donate, scrap fabric for the sewing room, keep it. 

~The Keep its get washed (um, if you still don't use Clorox 2, you should be-- Old clothes look new again!), ironed-if necessary, hung up or folded and put neatly away. 
Then I make a list... what do I need to replace?  I go to where the real sales are and replenish, but I'm bringing my new clothes into a clean, pretty space that's manageable and functional.
 (As a bragging moment, while shopping the 60 and 70% off racks, I found two amazing, bohemian vest-things for $4 each.... I bought a sweater at regular price and got two more for $1!  The deals are there, you just have to look!!)

Second:  The Fridge Monster.  (the closet of food)
***I check everything in the fridge... Is it fresh?  Is it healthy?  
***I clean the shelves, I wipe down the outside and... I look for the deals.
***I clip coupons, I re-organize my coupon book, and I shop. (hmmm... I'm sensing a theme--- clean and shop, clean and shop)

I stock up on healthy snacks and easy to make/grab lunches.  This saves on our food budget like woah!

Third:  The Bag Monster.  (My portable closet for.... junk!)
I empty my school bag (watch out, purse! you're next!) and basically repeat the organization process. 

Finally:  The sleep zone
I always make sure that my linens are fresh and the bed is comfy.  I try to put fresh flowers and a good book by the bed so I'm ready for a good night sleep. 

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