Saturday, September 3, 2011

How To & What I Do: VINTAGE LIFE~ Home Decor

You want to have more of a vintage feel in your home?  Easy  enough-- think antique and junk stores, thrift and consignment stores, yard sales and flea markets.  Paint, Wallpaper, get a new lamp.  Be quirky, be original, be a copycat.  Spend a lot of money or spend no money. 

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French Country Cottage
layered fabric and textures, muted colors and fresh flowers, frames and prints, bring nature inside.

Gypsy and World-styles collide, vibrant colors mixed with muted charm, mixed patterns and textures

Swedish Interior
Minimalistic and priceless, the paint is chipping?  good!

Shabby Chic
Feminine multiplied, pinks and pastels, florals and glitter.

Pop Art
Think abnoxiously bright, Andy Warhol, and bubbalicious gum

2. Find the elements

You know your style now??  Bing your style's interior design and just browse some images.  Ask:
*What do you see in most of the photos (candles?  silver?  pink?) 
*What do you like most (hmmm... I love shabby chic layers and textures, but don't really want a lot of pink)  

3. Make a list and check it twice

What do you have in your home that you could move into the room you're vinttage-o-philing? 
Make a list!  Jot down what you have and where you want it.  What else do you feel you "need" to make your room the classic haven you crave?

Write it all down and you'll have a good "shopping list"

4. Don't jump the gun!
If you are out and about and find an amazing deal on that vintage trunk or those floral prints and you can swing it,  pick it up (trust, it WILL not be there in a week or two)... but don't rush out and buy the first thing that might be okay just to have the room done.  Real venerable antiqued spaces are constantly growing and changing... Take your time and find the items you really want!

5. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!!
Yeah, just what that says.... Get little accessories at thrift stores or Home Goods or.... the proof of your efforts are in the details!

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