Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2nd.... Work Ethic

Today, I am thankful for a good work ethic.

My calling in my church is with the Activity Day Girls.... tonight, in lieu of the Hallowe'en party we'd originally planned (which was replaced with the Ward's Trunk or Treat), we had a Monster Mash. (yeah, it was pretty much amazing... and I am saving the pictures for a later post.... remember this whole month is about Thanksgiving!)  Anyway, Ky and I set up ahead of time and made some amazing carnival games for the girls.  When it was over, one by one the girls' parents came for them and they left.  No one offered to help clean up (not that I wanted them to clean everything up, but I was shocked that no parents encouraged their young lady to help)!  I was alone cleaning up, mentally complaining of the lack of work ethic these parents were teaching their children when one of my girls came in with a vacuum and just started cleaning.  "EJ," I said, "what's up?"  Her reply, "I'm helping you."  And, she did.  I was so impressed by her work ethic.  And so, today, that is my blessing I am thankful for.

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