Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3rd....Chilly, Sunny Days

Today I am thankful for sunny days that still chill my bones!

Today is a glorious Autumn day.... the sun is shining through the multi-toned leaves (yes, Michigan friends, we still have leaves out here!), the air is crisp and chill, and I'm wearing my wool socks (more on that this weekend!)  I love days like today! 

Weather such as this makes it hard for me to be glum or blue.  This is the kind of day my mommy would take me out to the Lake and we'd listen to the music of the waves and the breeze in the branches.  Nostalgia brings me joy, not sadness... and though, especially on days like this, I miss my mama, I'm thankful for the weather that brings such positive memories and joy.

And so, today, this is my blessing.

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  1. What a delightful reminiscence of Michigan autumns at Lake Superior. And your mother must be so astute, so wise, so much fun, so charming; I could go on and on. vbg.