Monday, December 5, 2011

Display Ideas from Main Street

If you don't already know.... I live on Main Street of a historic East Coast town (which, if you do know me, yeah, I love it!).

On the street are several antique stores, shabby chic shops, Vintage inspired home decorating stores, mingled with the resturaunts, coffee shops, clothing boutiques, and the chocolatier.....
One of my favorite stores is
Its so bright and cheery and inspirational.  The owner and apronologists are amazing and kind and fun.  (I understand they're doing phone orders, too!   wink, wink...) 

Anyway, the street's shops are lined with amazing window displays for the holidays, and, of course SEJ delivered once again!

Santa's workshop (DIY candy, teal winterhouse, and sheer beauty--- Teal &Red--- too lovely)

Paper Mache MERRY bright red on vintage tobboggans, snowy scene and lit bottle wire trees-- j'adore!

midnight madness 2011-- kinda a big deal

random supermodels stopping to pose  for the camera

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  1. Omw. That is THE cutest picture of you guys!!! Love it. And that red and aqua window is to DIE for! Inspires me to keep working on our kitchen...