Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Edible Homes

I never did this.

We used to make bread men out of Limpa Brod (that's a Swedish Brown Bread) with raisin eyes...

But I never did this....

Its kinda, pretty much adorable!

Roofs of Necco, Mini Wheats, and Pez!

Of Course..... 
Its a lot easier to have a cardboard one from Journey from Junk or Sweet Elizabeth Jane....
Have I mentioned I want to live in those shoppes?


  1. Omw I LOVE the Pez roof!!! I love making gingerbread houses but I haven't done it in YEARS...I may have to this year. We make the actual house part out of graham crackers though. MUCH easier and it's very tasty if you use the cinnamon sugar ones. :o)

  2. Hmm...we plan on making a gingerbread house soon. How well do you think a five year old could pull one of these off? ;)