Monday, January 28, 2013

Escaping Tchotchke

Now, I love sparkly and shiny just as much as the next girl.... but, I think its time this is said:
There's too much glitter in the world!

(I'm, of course, imagining an audible gasp from this audience and someone looking on in disgust, "she did not...")

Now, lest you hate me forever (there's some who would, I'm sure of it), let me just fill you in on how working a holiday gig in retail alongside my career path as a teacher has spoiled glitter for me...
Glitter has become, to me, like a wannabe usurper whose evil plot is to take over the world.  Its inescapable! 
Especially with the 'tweener holidays (like Valentine's), I feel there's no where to go but straight to shimmer town!

So as cute as these glitzy hearts are, this year I'm desperately trying to escape tchotchke for Valentine's Day!
Clearly not avoiding cheesy, I went to the craft store and played nice with the different style letters to have a word fashion show.  "L" is wrapped in cream coloured yarn, "O" is in her birthday suit (because she's beautiful the way she is!), "V" is sporting some glued on wood-grain wrapping paper, and "E" just was dipped in some white acryllic.
I left my favourite white porcelin deer out to remind everyone around me that I'm currently on an antlered animal kick.
I strung some white heart doilies (that I couldn't resist spraying with tea stain) on the yarn for a bunting and feel  pleased with my simple welcome to ol' Cupid ... and with finding a new way to be festive with words.


  1. You crack me up. I love the varied letters. Clever.

  2. Though I do love glitter, there are times I like it more than others. Thankfully, there are so many elegant ways to displays things (even Valentines) without the stuff.!

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    Sinea from Ducks 'n a ROw

  3. I hear ya on the glitter thing. There's more glitter than there are grains of sand!
    Following you back on Pinterest. Thanks for stopping by my site!

  4. Very pretty! I'm so not crafty so I always can appreciate someone who is! You're also right on the glitter front. It's near impossible to escape it! Especially when you have an almost 6 year old daughter who loves it! LOL


    P.S. Thanks for linking up to this past weekend's GtKY Blog Hop! Both of us are sick so we're a little behind with our visits. :)

  5. a former teacher I never liked glitter! It goes everywhere and it is so hard to clean up! ;-) But,the kids sure do love it.