Sunday, January 6, 2013

Full Tank of Gas

Its so easy to get caught in the routine of get up - work- come home and sit, day after day. 
That routine is good, its natural, it can be joy....

But, to do the same routine every. single. day. is sentencing myself to a long, slow, painful death, really. The world is grand.  There are things to see, places to taste, feelings to absorb.  A full tank of gas is a thrill.  It means we can go!

Since reality is that I don't have the funds to hop in my Winnebago and just spend my days en route to wherever the wind blows,  day or weekend mini holidays are our travel lust's oxygen. 

Do a quick internet search of towns or attractions that are within an hour (or two) drive of you. No matter where you are, there's something to see nearby. 

 We made a list of all the places near us: resturaunts that sounded amazing, museums or roadside oddities, cities, olde town wherevers....all within driving distance from us (including the ones in our town!)   We included how much certain things cost (like museums or tours of historic places) and the distance (so we can figure in cost of gas, etc.)  so that the weeks when we're feeling like paupers we can pack a sandwich and pick a freebie off the list. 
As we go, we cross that place off our list; as we learn of new places, we add it.
I'm a list nerd.... I have this list next to our "Things We Wanna Do-- I Refuse to Call it a Bucket List" list.  My wandering bag always  has my camera and a notebook in it so that we can remember where we've been and what world we've chosen to see.

Where can a full tank of gas get you?


  1. Did you actually travel to Asia? Like here, in pur country-Philippines?

    If ever you will, let me be your tour guide. Haha

    btw, am a new follower, thanks for hopping at sunnydaysarelove!

    Happy sunny days!


  2. A full tank of gas can get us close to N. Korea but we have to stop there ; ) How fun to make a list like that! Beats away the Monday blues!