Monday, January 14, 2013

Have You Any Wool?

I'm a fan of random facts. So, in honour of random facts everywhere, here's another one about me:
I love sheep. One of my secret (and now not-so-secret) dreams is to own some sheep in my own little mountain-man-esque-boho-farm-of-sorts. 
Last year, we took a short sheep shearing course; the year before that an old fashioned wool-spinning one.  (Oh, we're serious about sheep. and llamas. but mostly sheep)

Building Eutopia was a shared vision with some close friends, though, with many parts (the sheep being mine).  We'd talk about our plans to build these castles in the sky many nights over whatever we'd concocted.  But then we just stopped talking about it.  Its as though talking about it was what was making the fancy into reality. 

When we stop talking about our dreams, do they die or just lay still, waiting for us to wake them up?


  1. Karen had a little lamb....It will happen :)

  2. I so love that you love sheep. It makes me smile. I grew up on a farm where we had a ridiculous amount of sheep. You would have been in heaven. You could have been right out there swearing at them with my dad. I can see it now...

  3. I think I'd enjoy going out to swear at the sheep :)