Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just a Thought

Lest you think I have some sort of superiority complex, I would like to publicly admit that I whine.  I do. I complain about money, weather, bosses, politcs, the world.  But to be honest, complaining has two sides.  

There's the annoying, talk an issue to death, whiney side that we are all to familiar with, and, let's be real here, all do-- far too much.  You know the complaining I'm talking about~ the kind that we all hate but all do ad nauseum. I'll tell you what I want to complain about-- this type of complaining.
But, on the other side of the griping coin, there's the complaining that we seldom remember.  The type that leads to action and change.  This complaint is the complaint that ended slavery and stopped segregation.  This is the bellyaching that overturns dictators and seeks out justice.  I would like to learn how to complain this way. 
Here's what I'm saying.  There's far too much of the first complaint and not enough of the latter. 
When we say, "They really ought to...." or "You know what they should do....", who exactly are we referring to?  Who is this they
Maybe its just a socially acceptable way to displace our guilt and place blame on an anonymous third party while we park our cabooses and watch more TV. 
Seriously, think about it.  How often do you say (or think) that they shoulda, woulda, coulda?  And more importantly, is your bleating going to get them to do whatever it is you feel so passionately they should? 
I'm just curious.... what if we all conducted a little experiment.  What if instead of going on about the theys, we replaced they with we


  1. Really liked this post, and would totally love if everyone said "we" instead of "they about important issues!
    came by via the blog hop and followed on GFC hope you can drop by my wee blog and check it out, maybe you will like it enough to follow :)
    Angela x

  2. Oh amen! I have just realized this concept in the past year. Saying "they" creates absolutely no change. Anyone can do it. We (or I) just have to believe it and begin. I totally agree with you. Nicely done!