Sunday, February 3, 2013

Of Scratches & Pennies

I listen to vinyl and I don't own an I-Pod.

To me, a conglomeration of the most stylish sounds and current radio standards that are heard, but rarely listened to, just can't compare to the feeling of lying on the living room floor, soaking in the beams that sneak in through the window and the melodies that sound just a bit gritty, knowing  the record is spinning.
And, sitting at home searching the song banks for 1 hit wonders just doesn't match up to the experience of thumbing through stacks of vinyl plates, searching for the perfect addition to the household noise.  

While I get the lure of the digital soundwaves (hey, even I frequent Pandora, especially at work), its stolen something from culture and rites of passage.  Scouring neighborhoods of cities looking for true record stores, sifting through random wonders at yard sales, junk shops, and antique malls, and listening to the crackling static breaking through the speakers are intensely serene moments. 

And.... most importantly, you can't do this with an I-Pod.
((**The two photos above of face albums.... yeah, I found those on Pinterest.... Looks fun,no?))

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