Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tones of Home

My mom used to tell me how when she was in high school in  Da Soo, she and her friends would sing The Animal's hit, We've Got to Get Out of This Place, as if it was written just  for them~ an anthem to anyone yearning for the lights and sounds of a city, but growing up in Hometown, America.  She told me this to empathize with the desire I (and most of my friends) had to leave the North Country for a taste of variety.  Even though I always loved the outdoors and nature, I needed out of that small town.... especially in April when there was still feet of snow on the ground. 

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be able to find some tickets back to America's High Five (for those who are oblivious right now-- look at a US map.... which one looks like a mitten?) for a few days to see my family and take care of some things.  Since you may not be acquainted with the wonder that is Michigan, let me explain it to you... there are two peninsulas: the Lower and the Upper (or UP).  Well, I'm from the UP (I'm a Yooper girl for sure-- click here to see what that means!) which means I had a five plus hour drive after my flight. (Luckily, I have dear friends family closer, so I didn't have to drive until 4 a.m.) I guess that somewhere over the past decade, though, I've realized how much I genuinely miss many parts of home.   
I miss snow.  I love that this snow doesn't close schools or slow life down. 

I miss real  food. I love that mom bakes potatoes in tin foil.

I miss puppy kisses.  I love this new, happy pup and will always be thankful for the companionship of our big softie.

I miss the accents and people snow shoe-ing.  I miss the buzz and hum of snowmobiles and counting the sleds and as they zoom past at night, instead of counting sheep.  I miss shanty towns and knowing that no matter how great a fisherman someone is out there, my grandpa was "the real deal".

 Yup, if da UP had even one city near enough dat we could get out and go, I tink we'd move back, eh!
These are the tones of my home.  What are the tones of yours?


  1. My mom used to bake potatoes in foil. :)

    You can have our snow if you want it, all of it... ;)

    Visiting today from Sincerely Paula's No Rules Weekend Blog Party.

  2. Just returning the sweet visit and the follow:) (via GFC) I am so glad I met you, what a fun place you have to hang out:) Now I am off to read more:)

    Have an awesome day.

    PS Would love for you to hop back over and join Lets Get Social Sunday (live right now:)

  3. hey there, thank you so much for visiting my blog! i am so glad you found it! i am reading through yours right now and i love it! unfortunately i haven't been to your area yet but it looks awesome! and your dogs are so cute! glad you got to see your family! i grew up in a small town in germany and i am still amazed to discover all the differences between germany and america! i follow you!