Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Veg Out

As a Special Educator, I am constantly inundated with stats.... 1 in 4 kids this and 1 in 5 kids that.
Here's a fact to ponder: many needs (mainly those that fall on the Autism Spectrum) are considered to have no known origin.  There's no cause.  (Yes, I am aware of the theories.... I'm getting to that)
Yet, Autism, and other special needs,  have been called an epidemic and projections have its rate amplifying yet.

So, here's all I'm saying, either these "need epidemics" have always been this prevalent and the stigma is just thinner~ enough to where we talk about them more, or  there is a cause ~ our lifestyles!

We shovel so much poison into our children and our system from day one:  we let these screens (computers, TVs...) train up our young, we're tricked by GMO's (and of course the healthiest, purest food is most costly), and we rely more and more on texting in place of genuine social interactions .

"Get down from your soapbox, Karen," I can hear my best friend saying.

Okay, I will. But indulge me just a second longer and find out what sparked this philosophizing moment.

Today I was munching a carrot at work and one of my students innocently and sincerely asked, "What is that?"  Further conversation-- & they'd never tried a carrot (or brocolli, or green beans, or...)

So maybe its time we all Veg Out.

(photos: my eggplant, carrots-from our garden, peppers from a local farmer, and raddishes we grew.... Grow food, not lawns)


  1. I'm always about "vegging out" as long as I chase that stuff with a cookie! HA HA! Karen! Honey! So so thrilled you found my blog again and opted to follow along. I'm following you too! You are an absolute delight and your comment made my day. Thank you! Hope you have a good weekend! XO!

  2. Seriously; they really didn't know what a carrot was? That makes me so sad. This could bring on a conversation about childhood obesity, but we'll save that for another day. It's great that you grow your own vegetables!

  3. Two of my four kids are ASD. One from my ex husband and one with my current husband. Looking back at my ex husband's behaviour, mannerisms etc, he even himself thinks he is on the spectrum, and I agree. But when he was at school - he was labelled as stupid, and left to colour in pictures in instead of being educated in a way he'd understand. Subsequently he left without any qualifications, barely able to read or write, and this has impacted on his whole life. Both my sons attend mainstream school, and the teachers have to adapt how they teach them. I remember children in school with me who were also labelled stupid (I'm talking about the 1980's) who now, looking back, were glaringly on the spectrum. Personally, I think it's always been there, to some degree, just these poor kids were wrongly treated as idiots. I also think it's partly genetic. But to the extent ASD is prevalent now? I don't know. I've said for a long time there's got to be more to it.

  4. Oh and the carrots. I had a friend (note - had!) who was a piece of work, to be honest, she criticised everything, my parenting, my weight, the state of my home, my 'hand me down' furniture. She was (supposedly) a vegetarian, diabetic, lactose and gluten intolerant, and I would do all I could to accommodate this and make her a 2 course meal when she visited. One day she turned up after declining tea, to find I was dishing up a roast dinner. 'Oh, if I'd known you were cooking a dinner, I'd have said yes but not to the meat. You're normally making pies every time I come.' I gritted my teeth, thinking *yes, homemade pies though, sweetheart!* No problem, plenty there, so I dished up two extra plates. Do you want carrots - I asked her 10 year old son. He looked at me in confusion. I said 'Carrots? Orange root vegetables?' My ex friend said 'Like Nana makes you, darling.' I couldn't believe it!