Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Feeling

Some days have a feeling.  Thursdays always have a feeling.  Stormy summer days have a feeling.  Yesterday had a feeling.  Yesterday felt like Spring. 

We'd heard of the Daffodil Day Flower Sale at Whipp's Garden, that we'd never noticed before, just down the road.  Quite excited to get our garden started, we were happy to explore this town garden.... which, as it turns out is actually a cemetery.
Some years ago, the garden clubs decided to restore this old graveyard (the newest headstone I found said deceased 1860), converting it into a garden sanctuary.
My heart was pleased by this; there's always flowers  next to these headstones, people are visiting  and remembering the names of the family that passed. 

And so, with each thought, each reminiscence,  yesterday's feeling swelled and grew.
It definitely felt like Spring, with the windows down and crisp breeze.
It definitely felt like Saturday, with the discoveries and sun and sprouts on my sandwich.
But it felt.... like more.

Like understanding.

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  1. I have always wanted to stop by and check out this cemetery. I love cemeterys. Weird? Yes, I know. It looks so pretty with the daffodils (my fav flower). Guess I'll finally need to stop by. :)