Saturday, April 6, 2013

Of Bangs, Shakes, and Cheerleaders

It went something like this...
Her: "I've had the same hair do for about 8 years."
Him: "So,change it."
Her: "You need a haircut."
Him: "Do I? I'll go across the street to that Aveda."
Her: "Yeah?  I think I'll come too."
*That surreal moment when you look down at your hair, piled high on the floor, you look in the mirror and see this new face pre-brushing- in all its curly ginger glory- and you wonder, "What have I done?!"*

...Sometime later...
Him: "Want to go out for lunch and show off your new banged forehead."
Her: "Yes, I've always wanted to show off my forehead.  Now that I have bangs, this can be a reality."
Him: "Seriously, lets go eat"
...And then...
Her: "Let's go somewhere."
Him: "OK.  Turn right here"
Her: "Onto that highway?"
Him: "Yeah, lets see where it goes."
Her: "That's the Bay Bridge, you want to pull off and go somewhere there?"
Him: "Nah... lets keep going."
*That moment when you look over, see that gypsy twinkle, and step on it, oblivious as to where you're
 going or when you'll get there."
...Some hour plus later, after driving through several towns along the way... Welcome to Ocean City, minus the normal large crowd and beach bodies.
Him: "Mini golf must be like apple pie and baseball around here."
Her: "What's with all these cheerleaders walking around everywhere? Its like no one is here this weekend except for cheerleaders with bows in their hair."
Him, pointing to an older man, walking into a fish house: "There's a cheerleader now."
Her, pointing to a mother of three, tantrumming kids: "There's four now!  They're practicing for the competition."
Him, pointing to the dinosaur: "He doesn't look too happy."
Her: "He doesn't like cheerleaders."
*Total peace on the chilly beach and boardwalk, no fighting for a spot to sink your toes into the sand.*
...upon further exploring...
Him: "Want to go to a diner and show off your new banged forehead?"
Her: "Only if I can have a shake."


  1. Love it. You guys are adorable.

    1. Thanks, Gretchen. We have fun :-)

  2. Lovin' the bangs! Can't wait to see them in real life. :) I love how exploratory you guys are.

  3. ahhhh your new bangs are sooooo cute!