Friday, May 17, 2013

All that Merrymaking

Random Fact:  This is what I'd consider revoking my professional license for...

**For the Activity Days I help run for girls, I threw a carnival-eque party this past Wednesday. 
Its funny, I mentioned to my friend there that I really truly enjoy the planning and setting up for a party. The actual party part... not as fun ~ for me~ as the decorating.  In Michigan, I had a true partner in crime for these type of things.  We had a rhythm.  The kind that had us... at 2 am... driving through town with large trees sticking out of the back seat window for a last minute entry decoration.  The rhythm has a different beat without this soul sister near (HINT HINT)... but I think I still have a bit of a rhythm!  Of course, I'm so thankful to have a friend in this position with me who is fabulous.  My partner in these Activities is wonderful and precise and doesn't wander around the room doing a bit here and there like I do.

**I found the canvas poster (in the entryway) at Pier 1.... on clearance.... plus a discount!

*** Regular and flavoured popcorn, goldfish (in lieu of a gold-fish game), animal crackers, frozen grapes, and of course corn dogs to feed the carnival theme. (see what I did there?).  This was aong with the Build a Cupcake Bar  (Marlise is so wonderful and made all these cupcakes and flavour mixed icings!)

***Of course there was a hilarious photo booth.  
***And games.   (I didn't think to get a photo of the baloons pre-dart, but the wreckage is proof that it was fun.  The hoops were set up to toss a lion through.  The 'Kissing Booth' winner went home with a gazillion Hershey Kisses.   And the Punch-a-Prize board I've been planning on doing finally happened!)
So even though the setting up part is the most fun for me, I had to get in on the silly poses.

I wonder... if I could combine this delight with wandering?  I need a trapeez artist and a juggler-- then I'll have my own traveling circus.

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