Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good Morning, Baltimore!

So, yes, the Wanderer  wants to go.  The Shepherd wants to find Eutopia and settle.  But I just keep finding....
Reasons to love Baltimore:
The Kinetic Sculpture Race.
***I didn't talk about this before because after we saw them, I didn't follow the sculptures...It was the same kick-off date as the Sheep Wool Festival and.... lets face it... baaa!
The Kinetic Scupture Race is, for people who don't know, ridiculous to look at and completely amazing for the scientists and engineers. The American Visionary Art Museum houses some of these man-powered all terrainers in one of its buildings all year round.

 Greek Fest
*** These pics are from last year, but my tummy is growling just thinking about the spanikopita and baklava...Counting down until June. Opa!

Hon Fest
*** Again, photos from Hons past, but seriously how is it not amazing that everyone looks like they're in drag?!

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