Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wooly, Wooly, What's His Name

Sheep are ubiquitous to all cultures and people.  Perhaps that's why all religion's texts or teachings make some reference to them.  Whether we are encouraged to be meek like lambs, follow our God like sheep follow a shepherd, be like a shepherd to other people, or we read about the Good Shepherd going like a lamb to the slaughter, these wooly wonders are something all people from all corners can relate to and comprehend. The universality of spirituality can be seen so easily with the universality of sheep.
Our festival season kicks off the first weekend of every May with the Sheep & Wool Festival.  Honoring my coded deal to take over the sheep portion of our Eutopian farm (What am I talking about?), every year I learn something about the (more than 1,000) breeds,  raising, shearing, herding sheep.  Whereas most people are there to pet the bleeters like a county fair, or to get wool for their knitting projects, our favourite part of the festival is meeting the shepherds, practicing shearing and spinning, and finding leads on the next, new place to explore in search of our ultimate mountain-man goal.
I can think of a friend who'd be in 7th heaven with all this pure, organically dyed yarn
Maybe the more we talk about our dream, the closer we'll become to grabbing it.
(All photos snapped Saturday at the Sheep & Wool Festival of MD)

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