Sunday, June 30, 2013

Salt Water and Bonfires

Summer's feeling is contentment.
Having the freedom to explore and experience epitomizes summer's feeling.  Campfire dinners, good friends, and laughter enrich that feeling.
This weekend we ventured to Assateague Island (a long, narrow Atlantic isle off the Eastern shore of MD). Catching a glimpse of the feral horses (or perhaps even taking in the pony swim with the Saltwater Cowboys ~ Misty of Chincoteague, anyone?) was definitely on our Wanderlust Wishlist for this summer, but being inivited on a camping adventure gave us the due/do by date.

Perhaps the fastest way to gauge someone’s character is to spend a day or two outside with them. If someone complains that the hypnotic melody of waves crashing on the shore and the feeling of sand sliding between their toes is disgusting (none of us did this, mind you), their negativity can cut through a good vibe.

My discovery (regarding our camping friends, who, although we’ve known for awhile, we’re just now taking the time to get to know) is that they are surprising and wonderful. The weather brat called for ongoing (albeit scattered) and severe thunderstorms. Their response, “We should find our ponchos.” (Thankfully, though, our ponchos camped out in the trunk)

Playing on the beach and in the waves.
The feral horses on  their beach and in my campsite.  I may have called one a name as it snuck up on me (I think he was a ninja horse) to steal our Starbursts (Hey- We weren't finished!), but that aside, their presence was....magical.  
Life is beachy.... see what I did there?
Lighting  up the Sky.
Saying farewell to the stormy sea.
The 40-ish minute drive to the VA island, Chincoteague led to a Public Nudity Prohibited Sighting (clearly, a common sign to see, right?) and Misty of Chincoteague's  Hoof Prints.

Filing this weekend's memories in one of best mini holidays.
Photos taken on Assateague Island, MD and Chincoteague Island, VA

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  1. That looks marvelously fun and relaxing at the same time!