Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stones of Foam

Summer vacation is only 1 week (plus a couple days) in and it feels like I've already been able to enjoy the world more.  I've been feeling so fortunate that teaching affords me a couple months to explore (when I'm not at my seasonal retail gig, of course....)   So, instead of focusing on the fact that kids nowadays have far less summer than I did (we said farewell mid June and return in August-- what happened to 12 weeks of freedom?!!, said the teacher.), I'm going to focus on what I can accomplish in those weeks  each day.

What an amazing sight.... (wait for it...)
made from foam!
Yeah... I'm that person who travels three plus hours just to see something like this Foamhenge (Stonehenge's redneck cousin) and love every second of it.

(Taken outside Natural Bridge, VA)