Sunday, September 15, 2013

Of Weekend Highs

This weekend finally brought the cool air I've been craving, but I suddenly realized-- OH DANG! SEPTEMBER IS RAPIDLY ENDING!!!!!!
Of course that indicates to me how horribly behind I am in all my to~do and to~see lists. Panic button blinking aside, I'm really thrilled that our favourite season of all is tumbling in on us and am [eagerly & now, quickly] planning this year's Hallowe'en celebrations, editing our wishlist, and lengthening my honey-do list. (My "music" right now is the sound of Ky's drill building me a bench out of an old shelf, so that's one less thing, right?)

So, after the morning I had (I'll just sum it up with a gigantic eye roll),Kyle decided the woods and a chilly hike would cheer me up.
Hiking Annapolis Rock (ironically enough not in Annapolis), Antietem Battlefield, and the first Washington Monument on a lovely early fall afternoon.

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