Monday, October 14, 2013

My New DIY- Dids

This season has been a glorious time to be ... just be....

The air is finally a chill that feels like home.   Speaking of home-- that was our adventure last week.... Re-making it.

I came home one day to find Kyle (who, if you don't know, is wonderful) staining our hideous bathroom cabinet.  (Want a DIY-- get General Finishes Gel Stain)  New wallpaper and shower curtain and the room feels so much more .... well.... cute!    

A day or two before, I came home to find him outside sanding down a wooden box and shelf to stain.   Flipped on its side, natural legs added and I have a new mod record cabinet.   Old doilies and feathers make wonderful dream catchers.
So, while I'd much prefer to have flowers in my hair living out of an always rolling winnebago, home is peaceful and echoes our journeys.   

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