Sunday, November 10, 2013

Of Playing Musical Chairs.... kind of

Such a lovely (slightly bizarre) weekend we've had! 
I was the one driving three plus hours to take a
I'm the one who was wall-flowering at the back of the over-zealous, self-proclaimed "fansons" during introductions.
We were quiet, standing on the chilly stairs of history (at Carnegie Music Hall & Library in Pittsburgh/Homestead), waiting for our frosty mile walk
Walking with the drummer, eavesdropping on his fatherly conversation with the random kid, whose dad decided he was destined for stardom; hoping the passion for changing worldly wrongs is real. 

((And now another sign that my life truly is bizarre))
Later on.....
We were the ones standing on the stairs when Helen,  an organizer for the Carnegie Music Hall, burst through the heavy doors, frantically searching for her 2 employees who'd gone AWOL, apparently.  Daylight savings time and the cold  spell didn't exactly create the ideal stair standing scenario, and I don't like seeing people distressed, so we volunteered,
"What do you want us to do? We'll volunteer to help out."

Relieved, she consented.  Knowing the band was directly inside, she pleaded with us, "Please don't bother the band.  Don't speak to them. I could get in trouble."
I giggled and promised that wasn't my style. 

So, in this bizarre turn of events, we were temporarily "hired" as 'door guards' and then ushers. 

I was the one standing 3 feet away from the band.  When the drummer smiled and said, "Hey again," I was the one informing him, "I'm sorry I have to pretend I don't see you."  (Yes, I'm  sure this classifies me in a whole new category of crazy)

Properly doing our job, we became the band's doormen.
The eldest (known as the guitarist) sauntered past us without any sort of acknowledgement, prompting Kyle to push his nose up and declare, "Hoity, Toity!"  (This is why I love this man!)

The middle one at least muttered a thanks as he prepared for 'work'.
And the youngest, our walking companion, smiled and informed me, "Don't worry, I don't see you there." 
(Yes, he has quickly become my favourite-- the only one who seemed to be cognizant of the people around, carrying on polite conversation)

As a reward for ushering, we were offered band merch and drinks, but I said, I'd rather just have a nicer seat than the last row in the balcony, so we stayed on the main floor, getting to visit briefly with the opener as he sneaked in. 
(More bizarrity ensued with the time following the show, but I'm  ready to land this plane)
With amazing acoustics in the 115 year old edifice, a completely unplugged song, an introduction to a new wonderful musician,  and another idea if I need to quit my day job, it was a euphoric night. 

.... Meanwhile in the Strip, a busy district in Pittsburgh...

**Been spending most my life livin' in a foodie paradise.  The kishkas and perogies, perogies and the kishkas, chocolates and lattes, noodles and shnitzels..... Been spending most my life livin' in a foodie paradise....**

That. just. happened. .

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  1. Awesomeness. I'm glad you got to have that once in a lifetime experience. Kyle was just telling us about perogies. I have never had one, or even heard of them. Will is now a man obsessed with the idea and will be until we make them. So I guess we need to get on that. :)