Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snowy Day No. 2

I've discovered how much I can accomplish when I don't work.  I've also discovered how much I can just be.  Thankfully for me, Dixieland panics at the first thought of Jack Frost.  (Actually, this time around, the roads were slippery.) 

I was the one trudging through the snow with my camera, pretending to know about photography, and relishing in the icy crunch under my boots.  
Hoping the snow stays and gives me a white Christmas.  
Enjoying the warmth of my flat and the sweetness of my Chai as I sit in my own mini Christmas town, listening to jazzed up carols, and diving into the stack of books that've been waiting for me for months. 

Is it wrong to be wishing for a surprise icing & another day to sing, "Let it Snow?"

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