Sunday, February 23, 2014

Adding to the Wishlist

The news has instilled such a sense of fear in so many of us. The stamps in our passport and memories of such sights often doesn't seem worth the risks of getting on that plane to the unknown.  We see so much fighting and hatred, foreclosures and despair that  we are ignorant to the beauty and hope that is still saturating our essence.  

My friend posted photos of his current home as he studies abroad in Jerusalem.  
With history and spirituality in every step and moment, his imagery has inspired additions to my Wanderlust Wishlist~ the places that I have been convinced not to explore and discover. 
All pictures are from my friend Andrew... he has some mad photography skills... I'm thinking National Geographic!
We always dream of when we retire we'll go here or there, neglecting the fact that by then we might be too tired. (Without downplaying the need to save, I echo the sentiments below.  Adding to my 2014 theme of adventure:  JUST GO!)

 "We are but here for this short time, come what may.  We are alive, yet often seek a life that is so scared and bleak.  We live by breath, but rarely live.  Monotony will be the death of me!"


  1. I LOVE this. This pictures are outstanding; they tell a story. And I agree with your idea of needing to explore and play, instead of just always waiting for something different or more before we do.

  2. My mom went on vacation to Jerusalem two years ago, I really would like to make it there myself one day! The pictures in the posts are amazing!