Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pyramid Scheme

I am the one beckoning all her friends to a pun war~

(And now an excerpt from the classic comedy, Pancakes for Breakfast)
Me: I was pretty FLIPpant while making pancakes today. 
She: I see what you did there.  You're kind of a big DILL aren't you. 
Me:  Game on, girl, game on. You BUTTER be careful in a pun war with me!  I'm pretty EGGcelent at it. 
She:  Boo, Kiki, boo.  You can do a LATTE better than egg-celent!
Me:  Wow!  I feel aSALTed. 
She:  Now, now. I wasn't jalapeƱo business. 
Me:  Ok, ok.   Maybe I had a moment of jealousy thinking you had BEAT me in this pun war!
She: No jealousy, allowed... you know you're RADISHing. 
Me: You must be YOKING.  Oh!  For some RAISIN, I was thinking this Saturday was their sale, btw. 
She: Ooooh!  Maybe we can all MEAT up.  I think we should KETCHUP. 
Me:   And you booed my EGGcelent?    I know this NACHO typical scenario, but really? 

Yep... and this is what I come home to.... regularly. 
Kyle's lovely focaccia bread from the other day. 

(My favourite food group is ... Carbs. Maybe my food pyramid is a bit skewed?) 


  1. Hi Karen, thanks so much for leaving me such a sweet comment on my blog Little Brags (The Furs and Cowhides Post). I tried to reply directly to your comment but the message could not be delivered to ; not sure why, but it kept coming back. The bread looks wonderful, wish you could send me a slice via email...LOL....Christine from Little Brags

  2. Ha! I totally want to use the jalepeno line someday. :)

    Thanks for the visit at my place, I'm your latest GFC follower.