Saturday, March 8, 2014

Signs of Spring

Like our good friend the groundhog told us, the cold hearted, stay way beyond her welcome, frosty one, known as winter will soon be leaving us. Sandals and sunshine will soon abound, and if you're like me, you're ready for winter to move south of the Equator!  Sure, Christmas, New Year's, and snowshoeing are always fun, but by mid-March, the cold and ice are just tired.  People are still getting sick and my snow boots are ready to hide out for awhile.

Although this week was greeted by an icy snow day, today has been gorgeous!
I thought today I would share these little signs of Spring.
*March Saturdays are for Seed Sorting; our early sprouts in old egg containers and tissue rolls. 
*Our year round indoor kitchen garden: herb garden in an old metal lunch box, roots growing tall in an old cake pan, our drying herbs.
*Baby flowers poking through a patch of snow; the brooklet running through the meadow.
*Window displays on Main Street foreshadowing the farmers' markets daydreams. 

I don't care what the weatherman is saying about this week's impending snow, Spring is almost here. 

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