Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When City Parking Becomes a Good Deed

I'm a Northern girl: long evenings by a bonfire on the beach, high hikes through the woods, communing with nature, getting lost in the middle of nowhere.  But, I'm also a Gemini:  duality and mind changing abounding.  So, despite my overwhelming itch (Right now) to be out in the unknown, or living out my days in a tiny stone cottage near a small main street, I love cities.  I love the noises and the energy and the architecture (Oh, the architecture~ my current obsession) .  I love the city culture and sights and tastes.  I'm in love with the romance of city life, while still wanting a simpler existence...near enough to the city to breathe it in every now and again.  

But, I'm not a psycho... I still hate fighting and then paying for parking!  

Until I saw this: 
This coin eating parking meter (yeah, I don't see a lot of those in cities anymore) grants you parking while feeding homeless!  Instead of disgustingly flushing money away to park for an hour or two, the city allows you free reign parking, giving 100% (yes, 100% according to the sign!)  of these parking fees to a Feed the City program.  

After driving through angry rush hour traffic, struggling to squeeze into an almost non-existent spot, and fending off the growling beast in my stomach, my hangry (hungry + angry) outlook on people and the city was pretty bleak.  

This blue metal meter maid is a Restore Your Faith in Humanity moment. 

If you're interested,  this one is in Baltimore... but, it made such a happy mark on me, that I did some research.  These Feed the Poor Meters can be found in several cities around the U.S.  


  1. Really cool. I didn't know they did that.

  2. I love your description! And what a great idea!