Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Throw Back Thursday Post-- Tales from Wanderings Past

Two years ago, we asked my dad (my parents are hippies products of the 60's... my dad is more of a wanderer than I, nighttime reading maps. If anyone should be asked for an interesting road trip idea, its that guy.) if there was any peculiar place that we could explore.  He mentioned a giant boulder field in the middle of the woods, that no one had pinpointed origins for.  

Great.  A football field size pile of rocks (insert eyeroll here).  
Of course, these rocks are as peculiar as the lack of historical orgins.  They chime like bells when hit.  So we drove. 
Just over an hour from Philli is Ringing Rocks State Park.  We followed the clings and clangs, hiking back to see this rock sanctuary.
A BYOH (Bring Your Own Hammer) affair, we stoically climbed through the rocks clanging and smashing along, learning that the more worn stones have the more pronounced chimes.  

My video wouldn't load for whatever techy reason I'm not modern enough to figure out, but this bouncy Youtube one shares the sounds and weirdness of these very solid, very hollow-sounding boulders.

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  1. How cool is that? I must go there. Did you know I have this ridiculous love for climbing on rocks? Like a child. Seriously.