Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Of Mountains & Monuments

The past week has been a justifiable oxymoron, both hectic and soothing.  No matter how long I lived there or how many times  I return, something about the skyline of SLC still gives me butterflies. 
*A skyline so lovely that  even an out-the-window-of-a-moving-car photo turns out*
In fact...That weirdo slowing down to nearly nothing... on the fast-paced freeway... for this shot?  Well, that was me.
* Mid-1800's details and heading under the seagull arch.  Why seagulls in the middle of a desert? Its really a cool story that many historians have agreed led the sea-faring bird to the meadows.  As it is told,  the Pioneers who actually made it through the beyond harsh conditions to settle the area were once again plagued by crickets, making it nearly impossible to plant,let alone harvest.   Prayers led to miracles... in the form of seagulls. (Yeah, historians have agreed that, while miracles can't be proven, the California gulls came in the mid-late 1800's in search of crickets) *
*Holy places make me happy.*
That misty eyed girl strolling around as if she'd never been there before?  That was also me.
*Reminder that He is risen during Easter*
I was the one not taking "selfies with the Saviour.
*Tabernacles on the Square.  We toured the Conference Center & were in awe.* 
That flower crazed person on the grounds checking the soil and rooting of the flowers... that was also not  me.  It was the him in my family, but it was totally not me. 
*Busy bees and the monuments honouring them*
I am, however, that person still excited to ride Trax.
*In the city... why not wear safety cones as hats, I say. * 
*Flavours of my youth in my favourite~ Trolley Square.*
I am the creep, stalking out my old favourites, just to feel like home again.  
*Signs of a delicious trip!*
We're those people who judge a vacation based on the food we eat.  
*I  am obsessed with love old signs.*
That crazy tourist, touring her own stomping grounds, that was me.  I'm the one in love with vintage neon.

*Some amazing art on the buidings' sides and a Banksy spotting*
I'm that person who admires the nicely done vandalism. 
*I'm the one unsatisfied until we cross the causeway in hopes of seeing a buffalo.* 
*Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.*
Of course, the finest parts of our trip are stored up in my heart. The peace & joy from visits with my best friend/sister & other family can't be conveyed through a blog post. I guess I always  leave a part of my heart down in the valley.  


  1. You got some incredible shots. Makes me slightly homesick...just slightly. I especially like the picture of the Savior's hand. Do people seriously take selfies with the Savior? Weird. Those mountains....that's all that needs to be said about that. I miss those something fierce. I hope your trip was lovely.

  2. P.S. I appreciate nice graffiti, too. :)