Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Over the Hill

We're the people who prefer plaid and muddy boots on chilly Saturdays to a badly timed dub step dance party.  We sleep better to the sounds of wind through trees and owls hooting than to ambulances and electric lights. 
We're the ones who take a pre-vacation vacation, climbing new rolling rocks, just to see the view.  This past weekend, we found our solace in the hills and cathedrals in trees.
We're the ones chasing our weekends on the freeways and mountain sides, just to see what is over the next hill.  
This weekend, the guy was what was over the hill with a 1/2 way through life (expectancy, that is) birthday. 
We climbed on some rocks before heading into town to go antiquing. Turning right out of a [creepy] antique shop, we decided to see what was over the hill. 
Cows were over the hill.   Oh an another hill to cross over, revealing a little sign that read Blackwater Falls was only 12 miles.   
So, of course, we hiked the short mile trail back to Black Water Falls.
Blackwater Falls, WV
...and the 10 mile slightly more challenging trail over to Elkala Falls. 
...and the 8 mile hike to Muddy Creek Falls. 
(Thank goodness for camera's zoom features!  We heard a weird scratchy noise out the cabin window and peeked to see a large bear  scratching her back.  I preferred  seeing her from this side of the window).  
 ...And the 5 1/2  mi. trail from the cabin to Swallow Falls.  
He's a lumberjack and that's okay (last visitor forgot to open the flue, apparently). 

And, of course, there were ducks.
Quack Quack


  1. Looks like so much fun. I want to gallivant here for sure!