Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shear Excellence

And it goes a little something like this...
Me: This is the Sheep Festival weekend. 
Sister: That should be combleetly wonderful!
Me: I see what u did there.  It was truly baaaad.
Sister: I thought I pulled the wool over your eyes, but you caught my baaaad joke.
Me: Ewe have always been my biggest shearleader
Sister: For the win!
Me: Don't  herd me by calling it quits, we've not even 1/4 way through all the puns we could think of... we've not even touched alpacas or llamas or....  

This past weekend was our annual Festival Season kick off!   
Warm fuzzies, willing to pose,  at the Sheep and Wool Festival.
 Right now, you might be thinking, "Who really gives a flock, Karen?"
But truth be told, wooly mammoths are my not-so-secret obsession.  Every year we've gone to this festival as our summery starter,  and every year we've learned more about my part.
 I'd seriously take the cool, country calm over the bustling, cut-throat  ways of Wool Street any day. 
I wanted to share a sweet pun about the cute little model above, but I can't seem to think of anything right off the hoof. I think I'm going to have chew the cud on that one for awhile.  
But, even if I can think of one,  I swear I won't ram too many more puns down your throat.
All baaaad puns aside, I always love this weekend. 

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