Sunday, June 8, 2014

Buzz, Buzz

My absolute favourite Baltimore Festival  (Greek Fest is seriously the most delicious and entertaining festival in the Greater DC area-- that's a fact, not an opinion. )was this weekend....
and,sadly, we had to miss it. 

Pouting and taste buds crying, aside, we were able to hit up the Frederick Arts Fest in the last moments of the weekend.  
Two Reasons I love local festivals:
1. I love the smells of festival foods hovering above the soundwaves of  local schmocal bands. The deep fried stench is so thick, you can almost see it floating, like a thick fog.  
2. Fair lemonade.  
.... and there are some nifty artisans.  
(This was a jurried art fair, not a regular craft fair, so there were no toilet paper holders or "Mamma knows best" signs, which, to be honest, I always delight in looking through.) 
...oh, and I guess I should mention that Frederick is a  pretty funky place.  All these murals are around the bridge where the fair was.  

Aside from finishing up things for my classroom (Yes, we're still in school.  No, its not summer break...yet.  Yes, I realize how late this seems.), the rest of the time was spent with silver bells and cockle shells.  
Tomatoes and Basil and Kale.... oh boy!
Getting up close and personal with my greens and peppers and squash... and a lilly, just to stay classy.  
Onions and Forget-me-nots and beets... which I've decided to actually try this year.  
Herbs and peppers and pretties.  
The shelf sitters complete with super sweet berries.

With the festivals and bees buzzing, summer must be here... almost. 

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  1. You have an impressive garden in your pots and it all looks so pretty and healthy! WOW!