Saturday, June 21, 2014

Of Words in Webs and Children Laughing

With summer solstice (less than a week after school was let out...just saying), I thought I would share the end of the year celebration my team and I (along with some amazing parents) organized to celebrate reading Charlotte's Web.   [Read:  People have demanded incessantly requested to see]

Laughing, happy, active kids is what joy looks like.  Seriously the nature of kids teach us so many valuable lessons. 
1. The willingness to laugh when you fall (during a 3 legged race) and then get back up.  
2. The desire to understand and commune with animals.  
3. Being willing to look silly (or like a pig...or run with an egg on a spoon) 
4. To find pure bliss in artistic expression and simply sitting still to allow someone else to paint. (and, in the bottom right, the correct way to do a duck face). 
5. Excitement in the unknown, trying new things, and patience. 
6. Cheering for others successes and encouraging in times of disappointment.  
7. ... I'm sure there's a life lesson with a pie throwing contest... right?  
8. Leap as high as you can, even if you feel you are falling.  
9. Explore the twists and turns of the world without fear! 
10.  Pig out once in awhile!  (See the teachers took this life lesson) 
...and a life lesson from me....  Never be too old or too serious to crawl through the 'mud' and dance about your triumphs. 

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  1. #7 Nothing that a little pie to the face can't fix... (maybe?? I'm trying...). I love the falling down and laughing picture and your pie in the face picture. Dead sexy.