Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tearin' Up the Soo

Perfect summer trips include going back to the North Country.  
(I spent most of my days at home with family, but there was a second to Tear up the Soo.... yes, this is an inside joke which will always make me laugh.)

Meet my hometown. 
See that little white church, which is now used for the theatre guild?  That steeple is there courtesy of my grandpa's carpentry skills and was the steeple under which all the Svenska people, like my kinfolk, gathered. 
Breaths of fresh air and blue skies over the rivers and lakes mingle with the heavy (and delicious) aroma of the drive ins.  
"And when I had nothing else to do, I spent my weekends tearin' up the Soo." 

Signs of my past... Fudgie lane and the defunct Haunted Depot. 

Summers in da Soo, seeing my life-long pal, and the wagging of puppy tails make me think I could make that my home again...  thoughts to ponder.  

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